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Alarming Rise in Tuberculosis Cases Sparks Health Concerns Across the US

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United States: As the cases associated with tuberculosis, which is commonly known as TB, have been spreading across England, health experts in the United States are worried about the spread of the disease across the nation.

The concerns and worries have increased because a study has concluded that the public has been catching the infection at a greater speed, and catching the disease has become easier than before.

According to a new study conducted by Dutch scientists, the contagious infection can be spread between two people, even via a person who doesn’t show any signs of the disease. The finding has dismissed the belief that TB germs can only transmitted through coughing, laughing, speaking, singing, and sneezing.

Visual Representation for Tuberculosis Infection

How commonly is the disease spreading across England?

According to the health experts who participated in the study, approximately four in five people have been testing positive for TB despite suffering from a cough – which was counted as the most common symptom of TB. The study mentioned that if a person is infected with the disease, he/ she can spread the infection through spit, which can survive in the air for a longer time period.

This shows that a person can get infected with the disease just by inhaling the infected air.

The author of the study was Professor Frank Cobelens – an expert from Global Health at Amsterdam University Medical Center. Cobelens mentioned, “A persistent cough is often the entry point for a diagnosis.”

He mentioned, “But if 80 percent of those with TB don’t have one, then it means that a diagnosis will happen later, possibly after the infection has already been transmitted to many others, or not at all,” as per The Sun.

Visual Representation for tuberculosis infection | Credits: Google Images

The study has been recently published in The Lancet Infectious Disease. The conclusion of the disease was drawn after thorough research was conducted on 600,000 people in 12 countries, majorly across Africa and Asia. Out of the total, some of the people were suffering from TB.

As per the conclusion drawn, 82.8 percent of the disease infected persons were not having persistent cough and 62.5 percent of were dealing with no cough at all.

Professor Frank also stated, “When we take all of these factors into account, it becomes clear that we need to really rethink large aspects of how we identify people with TB,” adding, “It’s clear that current practice, especially in the most resource-poor settings, will miss large numbers of patients with TB.”

Upsurge in the cases!

As per the stats shared by the UK Health Security Agency, the cases linked to the disease have witnessed increase in previous 10 years. And in recent years, the cases have reached from 4,380 in 2022 to 4,850 in 2023.

According to official stats, across the globe the number of TB cases have climbed up to 7.5 million in 2022. The number was the highest in the history. The concerns are high because the World Health Organisation (WHO) has mentioned that many people were not diagnosed or received treatment against the contagious infection during the lockdowns due to COVID-19.

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