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ALERT: AstraZeneca’s COVID Vaccine Linked to Another Rare Blood Clot Disorder!

Representation for COVID-19 vaccine by AstraZeneca | Credits: Reuters

United States: Vaccine-induced Immune Thrombocytopenia and Thrombosis (VITT), which results in rare and severe blood clotting disorder, has been reported as a side-effect of AstraZeneca’s vaccine against COVID-19 infection. The researchers made a conclusion in a recently conducted study. 

VITT arose as a novel condition after the administration of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, known as Covishield in India and Vaxzevria in Europe, during the peak of the Covid pandemic in 2021.

The catalyst behind VITT was identified as an exceptionally hazardous blood autoantibody targeting a protein known as platelet factor 4 (PF4).


In an independent study in 2023, researchers from Canada, North America, Germany, and Italy delineated a syndrome strikingly akin to VITT, characterized by the presence of the same PF4 antibody, which proved fatal in certain instances following natural adenovirus (common cold) infection.

In a recent investigation, Flinders University in Australia, alongside international experts, discerned that the PF4 antibodies implicated in both adenoviruses infection-associated VITT and conventional adenoviral vector VITT exhibit congruent molecular imprints or signatures.

Indeed, as articulated by Professor Tom Gordon from Flinders, “The pathways leading to the production of lethal antibodies in these disorders must be virtually identical and entail similar genetic predispositions,” as per reports. 

The implications of these findings extend beyond clinical realms, positing that insights gleaned from VITT are pertinent to isolated cases of blood clotting subsequent to adenovirus (common cold) infections, besides bearing relevance for the enhancement of vaccine safety protocols.

This same cohort, in a study conducted in 2022, unraveled the molecular enigma of the PF4 antibody and pinpointed a genetic predisposing factor.

Their latest revelations, documented in the New England Journal of Medicine, harbor significant ramifications for the amelioration of vaccine safety standards, as certain reports claimed. 

This inquiry follows AstraZeneca’s acknowledgment, in a legal submission to the High Court in February, of the potential of its Covid vaccine to “occasion Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Syndrome (TTS)” in exceedingly rare instances.

TTS, a scarce adverse effect manifested as blood clotting coupled with a diminution in blood platelet count, has been associated with the demise of no less than 81 individuals in the UK, alongside numerous instances of severe debilitation.

Consequently, the corporation has opted to voluntarily retract the “marketing authorization” of its Covid vaccine from European and other global markets.


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