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Colorectal Cancer Takes Devastating Toll on Younger Lives, Study Exposes Disturbing Reality!

Colorectal Cancer Takes Devastating Toll on Younger Lives

United States: Colorectal cancer is the major cause of death caused by cancer, according to the new data shared through a recently conducted study. The latest study revealed that the type of cancer has been proven to be the top killer among people aged 55 and below. 

The researchers of the latest study have outlined that health experts have mentioned that the rate of cancer diagnoses among the older population is dropping. However, concerns were raised because the number of diagnoses was increasing among the younger population of the United States. 

Accordingly, the rate was alarming, but the researchers were not able to find the actual cause of the increase, as per the reports by Fox 31. 

Experience shared by cancer-diagnosed patients!

The reports by Fox 31 unveiled the experience of Karissa Rund. As per the reports, she was just 31 years old when she was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. She further highlighted that at the time of diagnosis, she was suffering from stage-four cancer. 

Rund was quoted saying, “I’m over eight years in, and I’ve had nine surgeries, four or so years of chemo over that time, and more suffering than I could ever explain to anybody,” the reports by Fox 31 mentioned. 

It is to be noted that after being diagnosed with the disease, she is working to raise awareness among the younger generation of the United States. She informed, “Young people should be aware and willing to go to their doctor and figure out what’s going on.”

Stats presented by the American Cancer Society!

The official stats showed by the American Cancer Society expect that during the ongoing year, as many as 150,000 people might get diagnosed with colorectal cancer. 

Visual Representation for colon cancer

The regard was addressed by a GI Medical Oncologist at the University of Colorado Cancer Center, named Dr Christopher Lieu. He stated, “This is really becoming the number one cancer-related issue in our younger population.”

Further, he briefed the symptoms linked to the disease. According to Dr Lieu, the symptoms experienced by a person dealing with the infection are blood in stool, sudden weight loss, abdominal pain as well as changes in bowels. 

As per the experts, the risk associated with the disease is high among people aged 45. In this regard, Dr Lieu mentioned, “If you are age 45 or older, talk to your primary care provider about what the best screening test is for colorectal cancer, know your family history, do not ignore warning signs, and again just have that great relationship with your primary care provider to make sure, hey, if any of these symptoms come up, do not ignore it. You are never too young to have colorectal cancer.”

How the cancer form can be screened?

The health experts have outlined that the perfect way for the screening could be a colonoscopy. Additionally, the agencies also advise individuals to opt for stool-based tests that can be done at home and are less invasive. 

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