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Concerns Rise as Tuberculosis Case Emerges in the United States

Visual Representation for lungs infected with TB infection | Credits: iStock

United States: Tuberculosis, also known as TB, has become another health concern for the experts and agencies of the United States. Recently, the worries of the authorities have heightened after a suspected case of infection has been reported by the Ashtabula County health officials.

The case has been found in an eighth-grade student at Geneva Middle School, according to reports by Fox8 News.

The initial report concerning the regional case surfaced amongst the families associated with Geneva Area City Schools on Sunday, March 17. Authorities underscored that the authentication of this case remains pending.

Jay Becker, the Health Commissioner of Ashtabula County, conveyed in a news release on Wednesday that the student in question is presently confined to their residence while further diagnostic examinations are underway, according to Fox8 News.

As per the missive issued by the district on Sunday, the middle school and all other educational edifices within the precinct were slated to persist in operations in alignment with the counsel furnished by county and state health authorities. By that juncture, comprehensive sanitation measures, including ultraviolet light treatments, had been administered to the building and specific school transportation units.

Visual Representation for Tuberculosis (TB)

Those students identified as close contacts to the aforementioned individual are anticipated to receive notification from county health officials “in the forthcoming days.”

Tuberculosis and its effect on humans

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has named the disease one of the deadliest infections in the world; however, it is to be noted that it is preventable and treatable.

Tuberculosis is caused by a bacterial infection and directly infected lungs. The most common mode of transmission is by breathing.

Along with the lungs, the infection may also attack some major body parts, including the kidney, spine, or brain, as per the CDC.

According to the federal health agency, germs are transmitted when an infected person exhales them through coughing, speaking, or singing. Therefore, anyone suspected of being infected is encouraged to stay home from school or work.

This pathogen progresses slowly with a long incubation period, and symptoms may not manifest for eight to 10 weeks, as stated in the district’s letter, Fox8 News reported.

If the lungs are infected, symptoms may include:

– A persistent cough lasting longer than three weeks

– Coughing up phlegm or blood

– Chest pain

– Fever

– Night sweats

– Chills

– Loss of appetite

– Weakness or fatigue

– Weight loss

Symptoms of infection in other parts of the body include:

– Blood in urine, indicating kidney infection

– Headache or confusion suggestive of meningitis

– Back pain, indicating a spinal infection

– Hoarseness from an infection of the larynx or voice box

The CDC states that tuberculosis can almost always be cured by taking several different medications for a few weeks, as prescribed by a doctor.

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