E.coli Outbreak Alert: Ready-to-Eat Foods Blamed for 113 Infections

113 Individuals have fallen victim to E.coli

United States: Ready to eat food items might have left approximately 113 people infected by E.coli, according to the latest update from the health experts. Out of the total, 37 have been infected severely and are seeking treatment in hospital.

The revelation has been made by the UK Health Security agency, which also highlighted that the outbreak might have caused because of a nationally distributed ready to eat food item, which does not require any cooking.

The official update by the health officials has confirmed that all infected people are dealing with Shiga toxin-producing E.coli O145 (Stec). If divided demographically, out of the total number of cases, 81 were reported in England, 18 in Wales, 13 in Scotland, and one person, who hailed from Northern Ireland, caught the infection in England, according to

Comments by experts!

While addressing the current situation, one of the top experts mentioned that this mysterious product is “very likely to be a ready-to-eat product possibly with dairy origin.”

Emeritus professor of bacteriology at the University of Aberdeen, Hugh Pennington, stated, “We’ve had STEC outbreaks with food that is going to be cooked; the traditional kinds were meat products, mince and burgers and so on, and cooking kills the bug stone dead. You’d have to expect if it was a food that’s going to be made safe by cooking, all the people who’ve fallen ill haven’t been cooking their food properly.” The statement was told in the Mail.

Furthermore, he took a moment to explain that infection can be transmitted by many modes, including eating contaminated food, coming into contact with infection people and animals aur going close to contaminated ponds or stream, as reported by

Another prominent reason stated by the expert was undercook meat – which has caused a outbreak. He was quoted saying, “It would be much more likely to be foods that are not going to be cooked before they are consumed. We’ve had outbreaks associated with the dairy products, for example.”

Additionally, he mentioned, “Cheese is a classic, ice cream, we’ve had ice cream before. There’s a whole range, any dairy products, that are being processed,” as per

Common symptoms experienced by infected individuals!

The health update by the officials noted that most common symptoms experienced by the infected people are severe and bloody diarrhoea, vomiting, fever and stomach cramps. In addition to this, in most severe cases the infection may also lead to kidney failure.

Besides this, the experts explained that in rarest cases, the people also experience, are pale skin, bruising, red urine, weeing less frequently.

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