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FDA Issues Shocking Warning on LEAD-Tainted Cinnamon – Six Major Brands to AVOID

FDA Issues Shocking Warning on LEAD-Tainted Cinnamon

United States: The US Food and Drug Administration has recently issued an advisory to warn consumers about six (6) brands of cinnamon. According to the latest update by the authority, the cinnamon of all the brands is tainted with lead. The warning has been issued by the authorities on Wednesday, March 6, 2024.

The food and drug supervising firm of the United States has urged the general public not to buy ground cinnamon from the following six (6) brands:

  • La Fiesta, sold at La Superior SuperMercados
  • Marcum, sold at Save A Lot
  • MK, sold at SF Supermarket
  • Swad, sold at Patel Brothers
  • Supreme Tradition, sold at Dollar Tree and Family Dollar
  • El Chilar, sold at La Joya Morelense in Baltimore

According to the FDA, the new list of tainted ground cinnamon products was linked to the lead-tainted cinnamon applesauce and apple puree products, which were found in October 2023, according to HealthDay News.

The agency has asked the companies to recall their products, which are linked to ground cinnamon.

Lead and its effects on humans!

It is to be noted that lead is toxic to humans, especially to children. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is no specific level for safe or harmful exposure.

Health experts have outlined that a high level of lead could result in lead poisoning. The signs and symptoms experienced by an individual who is having lead poisoning are headaches, stomach and muscle aches, vomiting, anemia, irritability, fatigue, and weight loss.

FDA further elaborated that the most vulnerable community for lead exposure is children because of their smaller body sizes and rapid metabolism and growth. The most common side effects reported among the lead-exposed babies are developmental delays, including learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and lowered IQ.

Applesauce investigation recalled detailed analysis!

According to the agency, the applesauce investigation opened the doors to the international web of food suppliers, processors, and manufacturers, and following this investigation, the FDA started analyzing the products that are imported to the American markets. However, the agency has underlined that the process is very tough as its hands are legally tied, as per Health Day.

In this regard, the agency shared a statement on the applesauce recall, which read, “The FDA has limited authority over foreign ingredient suppliers who do not directly ship product to the US. This is because their food undergoes further manufacturing/processing prior to export. Thus, the FDA cannot take direct action with Negasmart or Carlos Aguilera.”

Initiatives adopted by the agency to keep tainted items off shelves

FDA has been working closely to analyze the US sellers whose products were tainted to ensure the safety of the general public of America.

“Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the manufacturers and the importers to ensure the safety of the products that enter into the US market,” the FDA stated in its new warning, according to HealthDay.

The message by the agency further read, “The FDA also sent a letter to all cinnamon manufacturers, processors, distributors and facility operators in the US reminding them of the requirement to implement controls to prevent contamination from potential chemical hazards in food, including in ground cinnamon products.”

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