Flu cases surge across US, prompting concerns as 5 deaths reported in Salt Lake County, including 2 children

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United States: The cases of flu have been rapidly increasing across the United States, and now the concerns have been increased following the deaths – reported because of influenza.

According to the health authorities of Salt Lake County, amid the current flu season, as many as five (5) people have lost their lives, out of which two (2) were children. The health experts underlined that both the children lost their lives in the last 30 days.

As per the information by the Health Department, none of the official records informed that any of the five had received a vaccine against the flu in the midst of the current season.

Experts comment on the current influenza situation!

An executive director of the county’s health department, Dr Angela Dunn, underlined that these five deaths show that the current influenza season is serious and severe. She further appealed that the parents and guardians of children aged six months and older must take their ward for vaccination against influenza to protect them against the serious illness.

As per the reports by KSL News, Dr Dunn was quoted saying, “This year’s seasonal flu vaccine is well-matched to the virus strains we’re seeing in circulation. Vaccination is the best defense against being hospitalized or dying from the flu.”

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In addition to this, an epidemiologist with the Salt Lake County Health Department – Ryan Chatelain, emphasized that this time, the flu season is unique and severe because three strains have been circulating actively – out of which one is responsible for the majority of the cases. However, experts have mentioned that the flu vaccine is effective against all three strains.

In addition to this, the health authorities have mentioned that, as of now, the length and severity of flu season are unpredictable, though it is predicted that the season will witness its peak in January or February.

As per the official stats, since October 1, 2023, as many as 353 people have been hospitalized because of flu.

First-ever death in San Francisco!

Apart from State Lake County, San Francisco has also reported its first-ever death during the current flu season. According to the news release published by the San Francisco Department of Public Health, the death was reported last week. The officials revealed that the person’s age was below 65 and he wasn’t vaccinated. Additionally, the experts mentioned that the person had a pre-existing medical condition.  

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Population must take jabs against flu, COVID-19, and RSV!

Health officials have been appealing to the general public to get vaccinated against the respiratory illnesses that are sweeping the United States.

The health department of San Francisco, through a news release, as per the report by Bay City News, mentioned, “These viruses pose the greatest risk to infants, older adults, and persons with certain health conditions. Getting recommended vaccines when pregnant protects pregnant people as well as their babies.”

It was furthermore informed that an individual could get vaccines against COVID-19, Flu, and RSV at the same time. As per the Bay City News, the department also mentioned that children aged six months and older must get the annual flu vaccine, and children aged eight years and below should take two doses the first year they get the flu vaccine.

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