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Flu Concerns Heighten Across the United States: Nation Faces ‘Very High’ Flu Activity

Flu Concerns Heighten Across the United States

United States: The United States is still reporting outbreaks associated to flu and now the concerns related to the same have also been increasing among the healthcare professions and experts.

The situation is regularly and continuously surveyed and analyzed by the federal health agency, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to the latest report by the CDC, the most widespread flu outbreaks across the nation have been found in Michigan.

Reportedly, the state has been reporting a “very high” level of flu activity, as of the official data shared during the last week of February. The level has been touched by only five (5) states in the United States, and Michigan is one of them.

It is to be noted that only Ohio has reported the flu activity level compared to all these US states.

According to the official reports, in Michigan, the flu has been increasing for the past few weeks. Initially seen as a low risk in mid-January, the situation has gradually worsened with each passing week.

Recommendation by the CDC!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has outlined that the majority of the cases related to the flu are mild, but some can become severe and even deadly. Some of the common signs and symptoms of the disease are fever, chills, sore throat, cough, runny nose, headaches or muscle aches, and fatigue.

According to the officials, most of the people do recover from the infection within a few days but in a few cases, the infection can led to some serious issues such as ear and sinus infection, pneumonia and some other complications.

What should the general public do to protect against the infection?

At present, the best option available to avoid getting the flu is getting the newest immunization every season. Such shots can prevent the others and could make things really bad for the others who have an immuno-compromised condition, the experts note.

In short, not only can each of us do some easy daily things to prevent infections from being spread and keep ourselves away from getting caught up, but everybody can also make an effort to stop the infections by simply following the simple steps that are recommended below.

 The CDC likewise advised keeping a distance from people who are sick, and he/she also should refrain from others if not feeling well.

Besides, it should be obligatory for people with fever to temporarily stay at home until they have a state of no more fever for at least 24 hours without taking fever-reducing medicine. Besides, the CDC said that you should wash hands frequently; put your mouth under a cloth when you cough or sneeze, and wipe the things that many people touch often to avoid passing the germs to others.

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