Flu makes comeback: Surge in cases hits some US regions, defying national decline

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United States: The concerns related to the flu cases have re-emerged in some of the regions of the United States as they are once again reporting a spike in cases after an apparent decline.

It is noteworthy that hospital admissions related to flu have witnessed a decline nationwide in the past few weeks; however, other indicators, such as the number of cases of respiratory illnesses, have reached high or very high levels.

What experts have to comment on the prevailing situation? 

A member of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – Alicia Budd, stated, “Nationally, we can say we’ve peaked, but on a regional level, it varies,” adding, “A couple of regions haven’t peaked yet.”

Patient traffic across the US

According to health officials, the inflow of patients in hospitals and clinics has eased a bit in certain regions, including the Southeast and parts of the West Coasts. However, in the Midwest, the flu-like situation has been witnessing a spike.

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According to the official stats shared by the CDC, the cases were high in around 23 states, up from 18 the week before.

It is to be noted that generally, the flu season peaks in the United States between December and February, and this season, the peak was witnessed during late December, but it is believed that a second surge might hit the nation.

The health authorities are preparing for the second wave because the second peak is often reported, but it is lower than the first, according to Budd. She further emphasized that to date, the season has remained ‘relatively typical,’ according to the reports published by PBS News Hour.

The figure shared by the CDC has unveiled that, from October to the present date, the total number of illness cases was 22 million, along with 250,000 hospitalizations and 15,000 deaths from flu. In addition to this, as many as 74 children have lost their lives due to flu.

COVID and flu

The infections due to COVID-19 saw an upsurge at the same time as flu cases. However, the data from the CDC highlighted that hospital admissions because of COVID-19 have not been counted as same in the last three winters.

Meanwhile, it is also noteworthy that the maximum number of hospitalizations were because of COVID-19 – as compared to the flu.

An infectious disease expert at the University of North Carolina – Dr David Weber, outlined that the patterns seen at the national level have been reflected in Chapel Hill. While briefing the condition at UNC Medical Center, where Weber works as medical director of infection prevention, he mentioned that the 1000 hospital beds were filled with patients suffering from either respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19, flu, or RSV.

However, the data from health authorities have mentioned that the number of hospital admissions was not as bad as in previous winters. However, the authorities declared a capital emergency after witnessing the massive inflow of patients.

In this regard, he was quoted saying, “I think, in general, it’s been a pretty typical year.”

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