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Health crisis in the US: Widespread respiratory illness activity raises alarms

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United States: The increasing cases of respiratory illnesses have raised worries among healthcare experts as approximately half of the states of the United States have reported high to very high levels of respiratory virus activity.

The new federal data, shared on Friday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has revealed that 25 US states, along with New York City and Washington DC, have experienced “high” to “very high” levels of respiratory illness activity.

Accordingly, the number of states is more than the data released during the previous week. In the prior week, around 23 US states witnessed “high” to “very high” respiratory illness activity.

How respiratory illness activity can be explained?

According to health experts, the term respiratory illness activity can be explained as going to the doctor with symptoms linked to any of the respiratory diseases, including flu, COVID, RSV, and the common cold.

COVID-19 and its impact in the United States! 

The cases related to COVID-19 have been increasing; however, the official data has mentioned that the hospitalizations have remained steady with approximately 21,373 – during the week ending on February 10, which was around 21,204 – during the week ending on February 3.

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In addition to this, the official data has also outlined that some of the counties of the United States are recording low hospital admissions – which states that they are reporting less than 10 per 100,000 population COVID-19-related hospital admissions.

Further, the CDC mentioned that other COVID-19-linked metrics, such as test positivity and visits to the emergency department, have also seen a decline. Additionally, official data from health officials has underlined that COVID-19 deaths have also declined. The death rate has reached 2,152 – during the week ending on January 20 to 2,457 – during the week ending on January 13.

A new COVID variant – a possible threat

Nowadays, health officials have also been tracking a new COVID-19 variant, which has been named BA.2.87.1. Fortunately, the case related to the new variant has not been found in the United States, but it was detected in South Africa for approximately nine (9) times, as per the details shared by the federal health agency.

Flu activity in the United States!

According to the reports regarding the flu hospitalization, the admissions have slightly declined and reached 10,787 – during the week ending on February 10. In addition to this, the flu positivity percentage is also stable. 

However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has also underlined that the flu activity has continued to increase nationally, especially in the mid-Atlantic, the Midwest, and the Great Plains.

As per the estimated data by the CDC, during the present season, as many as 24 million people tested positive for the disease, out of which 260,000 were hospitalized and 16,000 died due to flu.

It is to be noted that the CDC has revealed that the most vulnerable age group is 65 and above.

RSV activity in the United States!

The health authorities have mentioned that RSV-related activity has also decreased across the United States. According to health experts, the highest rates of RSV hospitalization were seen among infants under the age of 4.

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With such rates, health officials have been asking the general public of America to get shots against respiratory illnesses, including COVID and RSV.

The data by the CDC has revealed that the vaccination percentage against flu is around 47.6 percent in adults, against COVID-19, 22.3 percent, and against RSV, 21.9 percent. However, in children, the vaccination rate against flu is 50 percent, and against COVID-19, it is 12.4 percent.

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