Health Experts Alarmed by Rising Illnesses Amid COVID-19, Highlight Unidentified Symptoms

Health Experts Alarmed by Rising Illnesses Amid COVID-19

United States: During the times when the health experts have sounded alarm about the increasing COVID-19 cases they have expressed concerns regarding the symptoms linked to the disease and other respiratory illnesses.

While emphasising upon the symptoms and increasing threat, one of the health expert named Dr Matthew Sims stated, “I was on at the hospital for the last week or so. And I certainly saw a number of patients who had respiratory symptoms,” as reported by

Sims further mentioned that when the test is conducted, the outcome is not related to flu, RSV, or COVID. As per FOX 2, the expert further said, “Frequently, we just never really figure out what those are. We can run a test that tests for about 17 of them, including flu, Covid, and RSV. But it still leaves a lot of viruses that we’re not testing for.”

“And sometimes we get flares of them, and you never know unless there’s enough that somebody like the CDC comes along and really investigates,” Sims further read.

Treatment for these respiratory illnesses!

While having a conversation with FOX 2, Sims further outlined that, as of now, treatment for these unknown respiratory illnesses is unknown. He was quoted saying, “There’s no specific treatment for them; you just have symptomatic relief, and they just get better.”

However, the majority of the people have been complaining about the symptoms. The general public has been searching for the answers related to the same; however, doctors and health experts have outlined that it is not the same as COVID.

While explaining COVID and its outcomes, Sims mentioned, “When Covid first started in China, in the Wuhan Province, it wasn’t that a lot of people were presenting with respiratory illness – there were a lot of people ending up in the hospital with respiratory illness – not being able to breathe, dying,” adding, “That’s a big difference from people getting a cough, sniffles, a little wheezing.”

New symptoms – A cause of panic?

As of now, the medical professionals have mentioned there is not panic. Sims was quoted saying, “We’re not seeing right now any real warning signs that there’s a severe illness we’re missing, according to FOX 2.

The doctors have, however, asked the general public to get vaccinated against the infection to attain protection from the new variants.

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