Health experts warn of ‘Frostbite’ risk in bone-chilling US winter!

Representation for winters in the United States | Credits: Reuters

United States: Amid such bone-chilling winter season in the United States, the health experts and meteorologists are concerned about ‘frostbite,’ which can be explained as a painful injury which is caused by decreased blood flu and tissue damage.  

The health problem can persist if the human body is exposed to cold weather and the skin is not adequately covered.

What do experts suggest to overcome the injury?

LAYERING: According to the experts, as per news agency Associated Press, layering is the best way to protect against frost-bit.

But, what is exactly layering?

If explained theoretically layering is wearing multiple cloth pieces to cover the body and comfortably cover the body in the cold weather. Each layer of cloth creates a layer of insulating pocket of air that protects an individual in a better way as compared to just wearing a big jacket.

It is to be noted that clothes layering can also help in keeping sweat and moisture away from the skin. The correct layering can also assist in adding another layer or subtracting one if one feels cold or hot, respectively.

THINK OF THREE MAIN LAYERS: While elaborating layering, Wilson further went on to state that a person must follow three basic layers – base layer, mid-layer and an other layer. She mentioned that the base layer is closest to the skin, so an individual must chose a fabric which is away from moisture – polyester can be a better choice as compared to cotton.

Following this, a mid layer must be worn, which could be a vest or a shirt. And then finally, an outer layer – a traditional winter jacket or coat, which breaks the wind.

AVOID COTTON AND WETNESS: Executive Director of The Loppet Foundation, a nonprofit that promotes winter recreation and activities in Minneapolis – Claire Wilson highlighted that for protecting and good cover, an individual must focus on avoiding cotton clothing.

She mentioned, “Just look for things that aren’t cotton,” as per Associated Press.

In this regard, she explained that cotton is great in absorption because of which it stays wet for a longer time. While citing example for the same, she added, cotton socks can get wet inside shoes if one will walk in snow and a cotton shirt can get wet because of sweat.

She also presented some alternatives for the cotton clothing, for example a woollen socks and socks of fleece can be worn.

BE CAUTIOUS ABOUT PROTECTING SPECIFIC BODY PARTS: The city of Minneapolis through a blog post emphasised that for protection from the cold weather, an individual must “Cover Your Bums (CYB)!”.

The experts suggested that people must opt for a jacket which goes till the knees and not till the hips. In addition to this, keeping legs warm is also important – wearing a fleeced-lined legging under pants is important.

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