7 Ways to Use Free Electrons to Heal

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The many ways to harness the power of free electrons to dramatically and rapidly reduce “silent” or painful systemic bodily inflammation.

Inflammation is arguably one of the most if not the most common reasons for the epidemic of chronic disease today.

Hence, keeping body tissues free of inflammation is of paramount importance and a key reason for pursuing a healthy lifestyle and traditional diet in the first place.

The trouble is, unless a person is keenly in tune with the body, an under-the-radar issue with inflammation is rarely noticed until a health crisis emerges.

Perhaps the easiest way to ensure that inflammation is kept to a minimum is by regularly harnessing free electrons which short circuits inflammation wherever it may be present in the body.

There are a number of ways to use the power of free electrons to reduce inflammation, which I go over below.

But first, let’s talk about why these free electrons are needed in the first place.

Why The Body Needs Free Electrons

The basic science behind the need for free electrons is that the earth’s surface contains a negative charge. This is in contrast to our bodies, which tend to accumulate an excess of positive charges.

Having too much positive charge in our bodies can trigger disrupted cellular function leading to increased oxidative stress from excessive free radicals, aka a cascade of inflammatory response.

Harnessing free electrons allows the body to pair these excess positive charges with a corresponding negative charge and instantaneously negate the inflammatory effects.

It happens so fast that scientists cannot even measure it!

Neutralizing Excess Positive Charges

The easiest and fastest way to neutralize an excess of positive charge in the body is by walking barefoot on clean, unsprayed ground. This direct contact with the earth is called earthing or grounding.

Below is a thermographic photo of the inflammation in a person’s body before and after earthing.

Notice how the warm/hot colors indicating inflammation are noticeably muted to cooler colors after a short period of earthing occurs.

In essence, harnessing the power of free electrons rapidly promotes a more favorable internal environment within the body. Besides lowered inflammation, the benefits include improved mood and energy levels, deeper more restful sleep, and reduction or elimination of pain.

As a personal testimonial, I had a mysterious pain in my left foot a few months ago. I didn’t have an injury and there was no diagnosed issue such as plantar fasciitis.

I thought earthing might help it even though I am grounded most of the day in my home. So, I started making an effort to walk barefoot outside for at least 10 minutes per day. Alternatively, I would sit in a chair on the lawn with my bare feet touching the ground while reading.

Within a few days, the pain was dramatically less, and within a couple of weeks it completely disappeared and has not returned (I am still earthing).

person with inflammation before and after earthing

The Science of Reducing Inflammation with Free Electrons

The science of how free electrons neutralize inflammation in a hurry is covered best in the documentary The Earthing Movie. You can watch it here for free courtesy of the Solari Report. (1)

The fabulous explanation of the science behind free electrons reducing inflammation begins at 27:20, but I highly recommend watching the entire docu from the beginning.

Many Ways to Harness Free Electrons!

Walking on the bare earth, aka “earthing”, is perhaps the easiest and most accessible way to get a massive infusion of free electrons to short-circuit the inflammatory response in the body.

However, there are a number of other ways to access free electrons with a negative charge to pair with and neutralize excess positive charges in the body.

All of the methods I know of are listed below. My recommendation is to do as many of them as you can, as often as you can!

Walking barefoot on the ground is the most basic and essential way to harness free electrons for reducing inflammation.

If you live in an area or climate where this is difficult, then at least invest in shoes that have leather soles. This will ensure that you will at least be grounded when you are walking around outside.

Rubber and synthetic soled shoes are very bad for our health if we never take the time for earthing as a critical countermeasure.

Swimming in Natural Waters

Swimming in clean, natural waters such as rivers, springs, lakes and the ocean is a fantastic way to ground and absorb free electrons into the body.

When you are swimming, it’s not just your feet that are earthing…it’s your entire body! Thus, swimming in natural waters has the potential for an enhanced free electron benefit.

My favorite way to enjoy this is to swim in the many natural, cold springs here in Florida.

Note that swimming in chlorinated pools will not have the same effect as the chemicals in the pool are counterproductive to the process. This is the case even if the pool is in-ground.

Grounding Inside Your Home

If your home is one floor and directly contacts the foundational slab with no crawl space between, then you can actually ground inside your home.

Only certain types of flooring are appropriate for this purpose, however. Unsealed concrete, stone, unglazed tile, and 100% wool carpets are perhaps the best options. (2)

Sealed wood floors are not grounded despite being a natural material.

If you do not live on the ground floor or have a home with a basement or crawl space underneath, you can compensate by using grounding sheets at night while you sleep.

Note that the reduced inflammatory effect of grounding is less than earthing. In other words, you won’t be getting as many free electrons simply by grounding as you will when your bare feet directly contact the earth.

Hence, grounding inside your home is wonderful, but not a complete substitute for earthing.

Gardening Without Gloves

Gardening without gloves (or gloves made of leather) is what I call “reverse earthing”.

You are receiving the free electrons via your bare hands instead of the soles of the feet.

If you absolutely must garden with gloves, beware of “microfiber leather” as it is actually a form of synthetic leather!

Hugging a Tree

While “tree-hugging” is a bit of a pejorative term in modern language, in reality, it offers each of us an easy way to absorb lots of electrons from many parts of our body at once.

Thus, if you are unable to swim in natural waters or walk barefoot on the ground, consider “forest bathing” instead.

Trees generate a steady stream of voltage which can even be harnessed for their electrical output. (3)

For the parts of your body that are in contact with the tree, make sure the clothing is made of 100% natural materials such as cotton, wool, or bamboo. Preferably touch the tree with as much bare skin as possible.

Touching and Petting Animals

Ever wondered why petting animals is so therapeutic?

Could it be that we are receiving many free electrons through our hands into our body, which short circuits the inflammatory process?

If your pet is lying on the ground outside while you are petting them, so much the better! This way, their body serves as an electrical conduit to yours and is an indirect way to “earth”.

Hugging Other People

Similar to tree-hugging and petting animals, simply embracing loved ones is also a source of inflammation-reducing free electrons.

Hugging on the beach while you are both earthing would be the most effective time to cuddle, but even if not grounded, you can still share free electrons between yourselves.

This is one of the reasons why massage and other hands-on therapy is so beneficial.

In particular, if a person is ill, hugging them or simply holding their hands can donate your free electrons to their body to literally help them get well!

I’ve written before about how when my children were babies and toddlers, I would hold them for as long as needed to provide comfort and absorb some of the heat with my body to cool them off. Remarkably, time and again, this would serve to break childhood fevers quite quickly.

It is my view that my body donating free electrons to theirs was at least in part why this was so therapeutic.


In summary, finding ways to harness the power of free electrons in our natural environment is essential to health.

Regular earthing by walking barefoot on the ground is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to do this. (4)

However, there are a number of other ways to absorb free electrons to negate an excess of positive charge in the body which are as simple as petting animals and hugging loved ones.

Thus, before spending a lot of money on alternative therapies or supplements that purport to reduce inflammation, try a few of these free electron harvesting strategies above that don’t cost a thing and are proven scientifically to be enormously effective.


(1) The Earthing Movie

(2) Best Flooring Materials for Indoor Grounding

(3) Electricity Harvested from Trees

(4) Earthing

7 Ways to Use Free Electrons to Heal is written by Sarah Pope for www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com


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