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Leptospirosis Cases Surge in the US: Health Officials Sound Alarm

Leptospirosis Cases Surge in the US | Credits: Google Images

United States: In New York City, instances of the infectious disease leptospirosis persistently surge, notably linked to exposure to rodent excreta, cautioned the municipal health department in a recent advisory.

Official health records reveal that in the year 2023, the metropolis documented 24 cases of leptospirosis, marking its zenith within a single annum. This stark contrasts with the preceding years, wherein an average of merely three cases per annum transpired between 2001 and 2020. To date this year, six instances have been officially reported.

The condition garnered attention two years prior, subsequent to reports of several canines purportedly succumbing to leptospirosis, conceivably contracted at the dog enclosure in McCarren Park, situated in Williamsburg. Though occurrences of human leptospirosis remain comparatively uncommon across the five boroughs, it manifests with a spectrum of symptoms, inclusive of fever, cephalalgia, rigors, myalgia, emesis, and enteritis.

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The health department iterated that individuals can fall ill with leptospirosis within a span of two days to four weeks post-exposure. In instances where the ailment remains untreated, patients may endure grave ramifications, encompassing renal failure, meningitis, hepatic impairment, and respiratory insufficiency. Typically, the incubation period spans from five days to a fortnight.

Leptospirosis ensues from a bacterium present in the urine of infected fauna, predominantly rats, within the context of New York City. Transmission ensues upon contact with contaminated rodent urine. Additionally, transmission may occur through contact with tainted aqueous solutions, substrata, or comestibles infiltrating the organism via lacerations or mucous membranes of the ocular, oral, or nasal cavities.

Per health authorities, local instances of human leptospirosis commonly arise from residential or occupational interactions with rodent urine, including handling refuse receptacles or sacks. Instances of direct transmission among individuals remain sporadic.

Nonetheless, the health department advocates for New Yorkers to circumvent locales where rodents may have excreted. For individuals necessitated to frequent such locales or engage in their sanitation, officials advocate donning gloves and utilizing a solution comprised of one part bleach to ten parts water, alongside meticulous hand hygiene.

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The department’s advisory issued on Friday implored healthcare practitioners to “deliberate on leptospirosis in any patient presenting with compatible symptoms, especially in the presence of acute nephric and hepatic compromise, and potentially, pulmonary hemorrhage.” Providers are urged to ascertain recent travels to tropical or subtropical regions among patients and conduct tests to exclude the ailment, as per officials’ directives.

Ordinarily, treatment for leptospirosis entails the administration of antibiotics such as doxycycline or penicillin, with therapy ideally commencing expeditiously post-exposure, in accordance with recommendations from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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