Measles outbreak hits Philadelphia: Eight confirmed cases prompt urgent warnings

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United States: Philadelphia and the nearby areas have reported eight confirmed cases of measles as of Monday, according to local health officials. The officials have confirmed that out of the total, seven (7) cases are in Philadelphia, and the remaining one (1) is a non-Philadelphia case.

After reporting such a potential exposure, the health officials have issued a warning as the current scenario shows that the cases will continue to rise.

Unvaccinated population at high risk!

The health officials have explained that the unvaccinated population is more likely to get infected during the increasing spread of the virus. In addition to this, they underlined that the confirmed cases have been reported among unvaccinated residents.

While addressing the concern, the Health Commissioner – Dr. Cheryl Bettigole, mentioned, “90% of people who are not immune who get exposed to measles, will get measles. So it’s extremely contagious, and that’s why we take this so seriously,” as per the NBC News.

The officials have appealed to the individuals who believe that they are exposed to the virus to quarantine and contact their medical providers, according to the reports by NBC News.

Do authorities provide free vaccination?

The health authorities of Philadelphia have been offering free vaccines against measles, mumps, and rubella for free of cost. According to the health officials, the vaccines are available at the City Health Centers; additionally, they mentioned that the vaccine service can be availed by the children at any City health center.

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It furthermore mentioned that parents or guardians must make an appointment by contacting at (215) 685-2933.

“While 93 percent of Philadelphia children are vaccinated against measles, it remains a dangerous virus. The Health Department strongly encourages everyone who is unvaccinated to seek out a vaccine,” the Health Department said.

The officials have further announced that the population can also opt for walk-in MMR vaccines at three (3) health centers in the City; however, this service is available for a limited time. This service can be availed by any resident of Philadelphia.

As per the health officials, the walk-in vaccines are available at the following three locations:

  • Health Center 5, 1900 N. 20th. St
  • Health Center 3, 555 S. 43rd St
  • Health Center 4, 4400 Haverford Ave

The update revealed that the vaccines can be available between Monday and Thursday, from 10 am to noon and then from 1 pm to 3 pm. The authorities have mentioned that an appointment is not needed during these hours.

Which areas in Philadelphia are exposed to the measles outbreak?

A report was released by the Health Department of Philly that mentioned the possible locations that experienced the outbreak. The locations mentioned by the authorities are as follows:

  • Jefferson Health Building is located at 33 South 9th or 833 Chestnut Streets. The possible outbreak was reported on December 19 between 2 pm and 5:40 pm.
  • The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Emergency Room – location at 3401 Civic Center Boulevard. The estimated date for the outbreak was December 28.
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  • St Christopher’s Hospital for Children Emergency Department. The measles outbreak is believed to be reported during the overnight hours of December 30 until mid-afternoon on December 31.
  • Multicultural Education Station Day Care is located at 6919 Castor Avenue. The outbreak was reported anytime on December 20 or 21.
  • Nemours Hospital is located at 833 Chestnut St, Ste 300. It was reported anytime on December 29.
  • Nazareth Hospital Emergency Room any time between December 31 and January 2.
  • St Christopher’s Hospital for Children inpatient unit 5 North. It was reported any time between December 31 and January 3.
  • Jefferson Abington Hospital Emergency Department is located at 1200 Old York Road. The outbreak was ultimately reported on January 3, approximately between 7:15 pm and 9:45 pm.
  • Holy Redeemer Pediatric Urgent Care Meadowbrook – located at 1648 Huntingdon Pike on January 3 between 3:30 pm and 7:30 pm.

Experts show concern about increasing measles cases among children!

While expressing concerns over the cases among the younger population of Philadelphia, the Health Commissioner, Bettigole, mentioned, “Unfortunately, we had two children at that daycare who did get measles and were hospitalized,” as per NBC News.

Further, she shared good news and stated that “one of those children has been discharged.”

In addition to this, Bettigole said, “Philadelphia is a city where we believe in a duty to take care of each other. We are asking all city residents who may have been exposed to measles to do their part to ensure that no additional infants are harmed by this infection.

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