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Measles Scare in US Sparks Concern as Hundreds May Have Been Exposed

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United States: California has been currently dealing with an outbreak linked to measles as there is a high chance that hundreds of people have been exposed to the contagious disease. The concern was raised after a child tested positive for the infection and went to an urgent care center and hospital in northern California.

According to the health officials, the child got infectious to the disease at the beginning of the ongoing month (March 2024). Reportedly, the child’s visit on March 5 heightened the concern as it is expected that around three hundred (300) people have been exposed to the measles infection, according to the New York Post.

Comments by El Dorado County!

According to the official statement shared by the health authorities of El Dorado County, initially, the child visited the San Joaquin Urgent Care, but later, he was shifted to the emergency room at UC Davis.

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According to the health authorities, all the potentially infected people were unvaccinated and were seeking treatment at UC Davis. They also mentioned that the possible time of exposure was between 12 noon and 5 pm on March 5 (Tuesday).

The Public Health Officer of El Dorado County – Dr. Matthew Minson, while addressing the concern, conveyed, “Please do not go directly to the emergency department as that could increase spread and put others at risk,” according to the New York Post.

The investigation in the matter was also conducted by the public health office of Sacramento County, which underlined that there are high chanced that the people of around 16 counties were possibly exposed during the current exposure, according to an anonymous spokesperson, the report by Sacramento Bee emphasized.  

Statement by the Hospital Authorities!

After the reports related to possible outbreak was announced, the authorities of the hospital underlined that the situation is “under control” and all the possible steps are taken to contact the affected people.

According to the reports by CNN, the hospital through a statement mentioned, “UC Davis has a record of each patient and employee in the Emergency Department that day, and notifications about potential exposure are being sent through phone calls, the electronic medical record’s online messaging portal, letters, in person, and to the care teams of patients who were admitted from the Emergency Department during the time period.”

Spread reported in San Joaquin County!

According to a report published by the San Francisco Chronicle, a health expert of the San Joaquin County Health Services emphasized that around 30 people have been exposed to measles at the urgent care center – during the time when the child was seeking treatment there.

However, the health expert also outlined that all of them were vaccinated against the infection, which has surely lessened the concern.

Measles and its effect on the human body!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the illness can range from mild to severe, and in some cases, it can also lead to death. The illness commences to begin between seven (7) to 14 days of exposure.

As per the federal health agency, the infection can be dangerous for the younger population, especially babies. Some of the common symptoms listed down by CDC are high fever, a rash, cough, runny nose and red as well as watery eyes. In addition to this, appearance of rash is also a common problem experienced by a measles infected person.

Along with this, the concerns regarding the disease are also high among pregnant women and immunity-compromised people

Additionally, health authorities have mentioned that vaccination is the best possible way to protect against contagious diseases.

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