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New DOH Dashboard Signals Surge in COVID-19 Cases

New DOH Dashboard Signals Surge in COVID-19 Cases | Credits: UN Women

United States: Along with bird flu outbreaks, the health experts are now once again concerned about the threat associated with COVID-19 pandemic. The health experts are currently focusing on tackling both health concerns. It is noteworthy that the alarms have been sounded by the experts after the activities linked to the infection are increasing in some US states.

According to the Department of Health of Hawaii, the new dashboard has explained that the activity has been increased in the US state.

The Department of Health (DOH) of Hawaii has unveiled a comprehensive dashboard presenting data on three respiratory illnesses prevalent in the region—COVID-19, influenza (commonly known as flu), and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

While the mainland United States grapples with respiratory infections primarily during autumn and winter, Hawaii experiences their omnipresence throughout the year, as highlighted by official reports by health experts.

Visual Representation for COVID-19 virus | Credits: Getty Images

Presently, the dashboard indicates COVID-19 activity as “yellow,” signifying moderate circulation surpassing historical norms, with a noticeable uptick in its prevalence.

Data pertaining to COVID-19 and influenza originates predominantly from statewide laboratories, while RSV statistics are procured from the National Respiratory and Enteric Virus Surveillance System.

The dashboard further dissects respiratory conditions by examining test positivity rates, emergency department visits, and hospital admissions as a percentage of the whole.

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State Epidemiologist Sarah Kemble underscores the significance of this resource, highlighting its role in empowering Hawaiians to make informed health decisions.

She advocated for individuals to verify their inoculation status against the 2023-24 COVID-19 strain, urging those unvaccinated to promptly seek vaccination. Additionally, Kemble advises vaccinated individuals to ascertain their eligibility for booster doses.

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