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Norovirus cases surge in the US, prompting health warnings from CDC and FDA

Norovirus cases surge in the US

United States: The cases related to norovirus, also known as a stomach bug, have heightened the concerns of the health agencies of the United States, according to the latest report by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The health agency has underlined that the nation has been witnessing clusters of cases linked to norovirus, which has caused several outbreaks. It is to be noted that the virus is contagious and can cause acute gastroenteritis, resulting in inflammation of the digestive organs, including the intestines and stomach.

What does the data from the health agency reveal?

According to the recently conducted report by the CDC, during the week ended on February 17, as many as 12 percent of the tests for norovirus resulted positive. The data also showed that the percentage witnessed an increase of 11.5 percent from the prior week.

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After reporting this hike, the CDC has revealed that the cases linked to norovirus have been experiencing a seasonal increase.

The report by the CDC has also emphasized that the most infected region of the United States is reportedly north-eastern – which has registered 13 percent of the tests positive every week since late January. As per ABC News, the stats have witnessed such an increase due to outbreaks reported in New York and Philadelphia.

With an increase in cases, the health agencies – which have been working for the betterment of Americans, have shared the precautionary measures that will assist in decreasing the spread of the infection.

Following the same trend, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning about the consumption of oysters from Mexico and Baja California as it increases the risk of norovirus contraction.  

What are the common symptoms experienced by a norovirus infected person?

Elaborating the report, the federal health agency has also listed the symptoms of the disease, which include abdominal cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, and occasional fever.

Common precautionary measures!

Along with this, some precautionary measures were also shared by the CDC, which included maintaining proper hygiene and following all the possible hygiene practices. Some of the preventive measures by the CDC are regularly cleaning surfaces, proper hand washing, focusing on safe food preparation, and avoiding touching the eyes, mouth, or nose.  

Who can easily catch the infection?

According to the health details shared by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pregnant women, babies, older adults, and people dealing with chronic illnesses are mostly at risk of contracting the virus.

What exactly is norovirus, and why is it a threat?

According to the reports by the CDC, norovirus is a contagious virus and a leading cause of vomiting, diarrhea, and other foodborne illnesses. The disease is at its peak in the United States. The health agency has reported that people of all age groups have been getting infected with norovirus.

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The virus has become a threat to the general public and health authorities of the United States because it spreads very easily and quickly. The health experts have also mentioned that there are no specific treatments against norovirus illness. However, the infection can be cured if an individual increases the intake of the water and stays hydrated.

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