Novel RSV Vaccine Offers Strong Protection Against Serious Respiratory Illness

Novel RSV Vaccine Offers Strong Protection Against Serious Respiratory Illness

United States: In the phase 3 RENOIR trial, a new RSV vaccine showed strong immune responses. It worked well across different RSV types (RSV-A and RSV-B) and in people of different ages, races, and health conditions. The vaccine remained effective for two RSV seasons, showing lasting protection.

While addressing the spread, MD, MPH from Pfizer in New York – Dr Daniel Eiras, mentioned, “RSV is a common cause of serious respiratory illness, especially in individuals with comorbidities,” as per

Testing of Vaccine in Phase 3 RENOIR Study!

According to the reports, during the phase 3 RENOIR study (NCT05035212) the researchers testes a bivalent stabilised RSV prefusion F vaccine. The experts have claimed that around 38,861 participants, aged 60 years, participated in the research. The participants were dealing with a stable chronic diseases and were healthy during the time of study.

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The participants were categorised by 1:1 to receive a placebo and RSV vaccine. Following this, the team led by Dr Eiras examined the patients for 2 years and all “acute respiratory illness” events were noted.

Over two years, the vaccinated group reported 10 cases of RSV lower respiratory tract illness, compared to 54 cases in the placebo group. This shows the vaccine had an 81% efficacy over two years (95% CI 63.3–91.6). In the first year, efficacy was 88.9%, dropping to 77.8% in the second year. The vaccine’s effectiveness was consistent across different age groups, high-risk patients, and those with RSV-A or RSV-B infections.

Dr Eiras stated, “We observed robust immune responses for both RSV-A and RSV-B subgroups, as well as for patients with various cardiopulmonary conditions.”

RENOIR Study and RSV Vaccine!

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According to the researchers, the RENOIR study has revealed that the RSV vaccine can offer protection against serious respiratory illnesses.

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