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Serious Lung Disease Detected in US State; Health Experts on Alert

Serious Lung Disease Detected in US State | Credits: Getty Images

United States: Along with COVID, Bird Flu, and other illnesses, another serious lung disease has been detected in Missouri, according to the latest warning shared by the health authorities. 

In a recent advisory issued by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), visitors who have patronized the Super 8 in St. Clair, Missouri, are urged to consider a potential health risk if they have interacted with the water system on the premises. The establishment, situated at 1010 South Outer Road in St. Clair, is under scrutiny, according to the reports by 

DHSS has identified two unrelated individuals who lodged at the St. Clair location in April of this year and subsequently were diagnosed with Legionnaires’ disease within a fortnight of their stay. Legionnaires’ disease, a severe form of pneumonia, can be contracted by inhaling minute water droplets containing Legionella bacteria. Generally, the disease is not transmitted from person to person.

Following an assessment of the facility, DHSS conducted sample collection, which yielded initial results indicating the presence of Legionella bacteria in the water distribution system. Collaborating with Super 8, DHSS is actively engaged in rectifying the water system to mitigate potential health hazards.

Visual Representation for a person dealing with lung infection | Credits: Google Images

While the hotel has endeavored to inform all guests directly booked through their channels, the majority of reservations are made via third-party platforms, complicating direct communication with affected guests, certain reports claimed. 

Although most individuals exposed to Legionella do not fall ill, susceptibility may increase with age, tobacco use, or underlying medical conditions compromising the immune system.

Manifestations typically manifest within 2 to 10 days post-exposure, although onset may be delayed, necessitating vigilance for up to 14 days post-exposure. Individuals experiencing symptoms indicative of pneumonia subsequent to their visit to the Super 8 in St. Clair should promptly seek medical assistance. Symptoms may include cough, dyspnea, fever, myalgia, and cephalalgia.

Additional symptoms such as cognitive impairment, nausea, or gastrointestinal disturbances may also be present. Patients are advised to undergo urine and respiratory culture testing and ensure that their diagnosis is promptly reported to local or state health authorities upon confirmation, as per

Visual Representation for a person dealing with severe lung infection | Credits: Getty Images

Although the link between the Super 8’s water system and the outbreak has not been definitively established, the establishment has cooperated fully with DHSS. DHSS remains committed to working with Super 8 to implement proactive measures aimed at reducing future risks and developing a comprehensive water management strategy to safeguard the health of guests and staff.

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