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Shigellosis Outbreak Sparks Alarm: Health Officials Warn of Contagious Bowel Infection

Shigellosis Outbreak Sparks Alarm

A contagious bowel infection – shigellosis, has become a new threat for health experts across the world. The cases linked to the infections have also been reported in the United States; however, recently, the health authorities of Australia have sounded alarms.

Reportedly, the concerns have been raised after a warning was issued for the music fans who attended Australian State Victoria’s Esoteric Festival. The warning has been issued after the Department of Health confirmed that an outbreak has been reported associated with disease, according to

The announcement was made by the authorities after various attendees of the event complained about the symptoms linked with shigellosis, which are fever, nausea, cramps as well as diarrhea.

According to the health authorities, the common mode of transmission of shigellosis is via infected faeces – both directly and indirectly, and through contaminated hands or surfaces. As per the details shared by the news outlet, the young children and elderly population is most at risk from complications.

Details regarding the fest and recommendations by health authorities!

The news outlet outlined that the festival was scheduled from March 8 to 12 in Donald, Victoria. Now, following the outbreak, the health officials have asked the public – who was present at the Esoteric Festival – to immediately get diagnosed if they experience any of the symptoms linked to gastrointestinal issues.

According to the health authorities, the person dealing with the disease experiences similar symptoms to gastrointestinal infections. Such as “an acute onset of diarrhoea, fever, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal cramps,” the news outlined underlined. It is to be noted that the people with compromised immunity are at-risk, including young children or the elderly.

The warning of the Department of Health read, “There has been a Shigella gastroenteritis outbreak among people at the Esoteric festival.” And it further mentioned, “Additional patrons and staff who are returning to locations within Victoria and interstate may develop symptoms in the coming days.”

The health authorities confirmed the outbreak about the around 230 people from the festival were tested positive to the infection. “People with shigellosis who work as food handlers, childcare workers, health care workers, or workers in a residential facility should not return to work until advised,” the Department of Health stated.

As per the local health authorities, the treatment against the illness has become a challenge due to its growing resistance to initial antibiotics. The concern was also addressed by the Acting Chief Health Officer of Australia – Ben Cowie, who outlined that the most basic modes of transmission for the infection are either through sexual contact or tainted food.

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