Sleep Disturbance Amplifies COVID-19 Risks: Study Reveals Deadly Connection

Sleep Disturbance Amplifies COVID-19 Risks

United States: The risk associated with COVID-19 infection is linked with sleep disturbance, according to new research. The outcomes linked to the infection could become worse if an individual (with a disturbed sleeping pattern) gets infected with the disease.

The conclusion has been made after 48 studies were conducted on approximately 8,664,026 people. Reportedly, the study was published in eClinicalMedicine.

Studies backing the fact!

According to certain studies conducted in the past, around 50 percent of COVID-19 patients deal with problems associated with sleep disturbances – which could be further linked to issues such as “daytime drowsiness, work burnout, and low spirits but also induce immune deficiency and systematic inflammation,” the researchers mentioned, as reported by CIDRAP News.

Sleep Disturbance – A Major Concern for COVID Patients!

As per the authors, sleep disturbances like night-shift work, abnormal sleeping duration, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), insomnia, and restless legs syndrome are the problems dealt with by people who suffer from COVID-19 infection.

The Study

The sample sizes for the studies ranged between 118 to 4.9 million. Accordingly, the study was conducted on people of approximately 15 countries and out of the total around 19 studies targeted the general population of the US, as per CIDRAP.

Visual Representation of Sleep Disorder Linked with COVID-19 Infection. Credit | Shutterstock

As per the research, pre-existing sleep disturbance can be linked to increased risk of COVID-19 infection by 12 percent, increased hospitalizations by 25 percent, and deaths by 45 percent. Along with this, surprisingly, the increase of 36 percent can be seen for long COVID.

Does age or sex change the findings?

The researchers have mentioned that the findings were influenced by differences in age and gender. The study claimed that the men with sleep disturbance were more likely to die due to COVID as compared to women, as reported by CIDRAP.

While elaborating on this, the study authors wrote, “Young individuals with pre-existing sleep disturbances had a higher susceptibility and hospitalization for COVID-19 than those without. This finding further confirmed the compromised immune function induced by sleep disturbances. In old individuals, those with pre-existing sleep disturbances elevated the hospitalization and mortality of COVID-19 but did not increase the susceptibility compared with those without.”

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