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Smoke from Canadian Fires Raises Health Concerns Across Southern US

Smoke from Canadian Fires Raises Health Concerns Across Southern US | Credits: Reuters

United States: The recent Canadian fires have caused chaos across country and its nearby regions, including the south of the United States. The health experts have outlined that the smoke can show harmful impact on human bodies. According to the reports, the concerns have raised after the smoke has been blown into the United States. 

In the midst of the increasing concerns related to health diseases due to air pollution caused by smoke, the health expert emphasized that common symptoms are chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, and coughing. The health experts have further underlined that the individuals who experience any of these symptoms must consult their health care provider.

Smoky Air Condition – a heightened concern in the US!

In the United States, the health experts have raised the concerns in the state of South Dakota. Recently, the Department of Health and the Department of Ag and Natural Resources has issued a warning that air quality index for the state of South Dakota is unhealthy for the residents. 


The experts have mentioned that the concerns are high for the population dealing with respiratory problems, especially the elderly citizens. In this regards, a Sioux Falls resident, Svjetlana Egge, said, “I have a family member who does have a history of heart issues, so it’s something that I always keep in the back of my head for myself and my family,” according to 

Along with this, Egge explained that young children are part of her family, which is another group of concern. However, she highlighted that she has been taking the precautions since the first day. She mentioned, “I kept my kids inside just because you definitely get that fatigued feeling with the heat and the humidity. Overall, it is a concern for everyone.”

In the realm of those observant of the billowing fumes yet maintaining a sense of calm stands Antinucci, positioned advantageously to behold the smoggy panorama.

“When we’re up in the basket, we can see quite a ways and see all the haze in the air. You see it, but you don’t think about it, so just keep doing your job,” remarked Antinucci, as reported by

Furthermore, Antinucci divulged that his apprehensions were only aroused last year following a prolonged exposure to the smog.

“I think you notice it more. I noticed it a little bit last time in the lungs, but nothing serious. You notice it, definitely, but you just work through it and get it done,” said Antinucci.


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