South Carolina health authorities sound alarm on misleading data, say state is still recording respiratory illness cases

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United States: False and fake new data about the decrease in COVID-19 cases have been circulating in the US state of South Carolina. To make people aware of the same, the health authorities have issued a warning not to get fooled by such data that is interpreted as potential good news on flu cases.

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The concern was addressed by the lead medical consultant for the Department of Health of Environmental Control – Dr Martha Buchanan, who stated, “I’ll start off with the data, which, if you’ve looked at it, you know that it looks a little better regarding flu, but I would hesitate to call this a trend.”

“We continue to see people being hospitalized for flu and COVID. So flu and COVID are still very much with us,” according to Buchanan, as per the reports by WCSC News.

She also outlined that weeks of the survey will be required to determine whether the cases have been actually decreasing or falling.

In addition to this, she highlighted that this season has been witnessing something uncommon, as there is more than one spike during flu season.

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She further emphasized, “COVID is certainly proved a little less predictable than flu for us,” adding, “We haven’t really learned the trends for COVID yet, so we continue to see respiratory illness, though the numbers might be a little lower than they had been.”

Low vaccination rate in South Carolina

Health expert Buchanan alerted that only 6.5 percent of eligible residents and citizens of South Carolina have taken up-to-date vaccines against COVID-19.

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In terms of flu cases, she expressed that the vaccine numbers among the elderly population are okay, as about half of the people aged 65 and more have received one jab. However, there was a significant drop of 15 in younger demographics.

It is to be noted that vaccination is the most effective way to protect against flu, COVID-19, and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). Additionally, Buchanan mentioned that the vaccinated population should also stay indoors.

According to WCSC News, she stated, “Stay home if you get sick and it’s not just with a respiratory illness. Stay home if you are sick with a stomach bug. If you are sick, you need to stay home and away from others.”

Elaborating on wearing a face mask, she stated that people must wear masks when going outside and healthcare personnel should never visit a patient in the emergency room or doctor’s office without a face mask.

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