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Tragedy Strikes: Five-Year-Old succumbs to Sepsis after contracting COVID-19 and Strep A

Five-Year-Old succumbs to Sepsis after contracting COVID-19 and Strep A | Credits: Getty Images

United States: A young boy, aged five years old, succumbed to Sepsis in Chicago. According to the official reports, he got infected with the disease after contracting COVID-19 and Strep A.

The death of the young boy was announced by the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office on February 16. According to the reports published by NBC Chicago, the boy died in the month of December. The young boy was identified as Jean Carlos Martinez Rivero, who lived in a migrant shelter.

The official update by the local health authorities has outlined that the reason behind the boy’s death was not just Sepsis; the other two viruses also played a crucial role in his death.

Statement by the Chicago Department of Public Health

While sharing the information about the death of the child, the Chicago Department of Public Health stated that the boy died due to a medical emergency.

Further, the Department mentioned that the family of the dead boy left the shelter on December 17 and came back at around 2:30 pm, following which staff called for medical assistance, and first aid was given to him.

He was later taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.  

In this regard, an allergist and immunologist – Dr Juanita Mora, said, “It’s too much for a little body. It really is sad,” according to reports by NBC Chicago.

She furthermore mentioned, “We have to remember that a 5-year-old has a very small volume when it comes to bodily fluids. So, when an overwhelming infection like COVID-19 hits his body, and at the same time he gets strep throat, it starts going into the bloodstream, it starts affecting the rest of the organs.”

The kids from the same shelter were also taken to the hospital later that week, as per the reports by NBC Chicago.

The death of the little boy was also confirmed by Chicago Major Brandon Johnson’s office. In a statement, Major’s office read, “The City of Chicago again expresses our deepest condolences to the family of Jean Carlos Martínez Rivero. This is a tragic loss, and we appreciate the work of community partners supporting the Martínez Rivero family during this difficult time.”

The statement further emphasized that the health authorities tried their best to save him. “Ambulance services were called immediately when the family reported a medical emergency. Shelter staff performed chest compressions on the child, but he tragically died shortly after arriving at the hospital,” the statement mentioned.

After the death was reported, the residents of the shelter in Chicago were examined.

What exactly is Sepsis?

According to the reports by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Sepsis occurs during the time when a body is fighting an infection, and it leads to a chain reaction that can be life-threatening.

Most cases of Sepsis occur by bacterial infections, including Strep A, which is also a bacterial infection.

Visual Representation | Credits: CBS News

Symptoms of the disease!

Some of the common symptoms experienced by an individual dealing with Sepsis are the following:

  • Fever, shivering and feeling cold
  • Excessive fatigue, sleeping a lot
  • Loss of appetite
  • Pain
  • Sweaty skin
  • High heart rate or weak pulse, and
  • Shortness of breath

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