URGENT: Ohio faces critical vaccine shortage! Crisis sparks fears for infants – What you need to know now!

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United States: The United States is still dealing with respiratory illnesses, and concerns among health experts have been raised after reporting a shortage of vaccines against the viruses. According to the local health authorities, Ohio has recently been dealing with a shortage of shots against RSV that started in October.

The shortage of Nirsevimab, a medication used against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), has been reported by the authorities. It is noteworthy that RSV attacks the respiratory tract of a human, and it can be particularly dangerous for younger populations, especially infants.

RSV and its effect on the US

As per the details shared by the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, generally, the RSV season peaks during the winter months and lasts till April. Along with this, the American Academy of Pediatrics last year asked the parents and guardians of infants to take their children for new preventive antibodies for the virus.

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In this regard, professor of pediatrics and director of vaccine research at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital – Dr Robert Frenck, stated, “Interest in the drug was a lot higher, I think than the companies were expecting,” reports by Cincinnati Enquirer revealed.

Lack of dosage against RSV – a matter of concern!

A representative for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention outlined that the shortage forced the health agency to deliver and distribute an additional 77,000 doses nationally.

Accordingly, the Ohio Health Department received approximately 22,980 doses of vaccine from CDC and delivered it to the healthcare providers throughout the state, according to the details shared by a spokesperson from the department. The doses were distributed as of February 5, 2023.

According to the local health authorities, the state’s supply is left with only 2,105 doses.

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What do vaccine stats in Cincinnati city reveal?

According to the local health authorities of Cincinnati, the supply of doses varies from one hospital to another – that gets medication through manufacturers and not the state. By citing an example of the same, the Cincinnati Enquirer emphasized that Christ Hospital of Cincinnati has administered more than two dozen doses this season.

Reportedly, the hospital management is looking forward to obtaining more doses as the manufacturers show a green flag.

As per the details shared by a spokesman of the hospital – James Buechele, the hospital staff has been prioritizing the shots for the younger population, including premature infants and infants – who are admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit (ICU) for respiratory distress.

In addition to this, Cincinnati’s Mercy Health has no restriction criteria. While having a conversation with The Enquirer, the spokesperson for the medical institution, Lisa Dyson, mentioned that the institution “has an ample supply of the drug.”

While emphasizing the availability of the vaccine, Frenck stated, “What I think happened this year is that when it got approved, now it’s that anybody that’s eight months of age or younger is eligible.”

He further added that by the next season of respiratory syncytial virus, “they’ll be spaced out over the whole year,” as per the reports by The Enquirer.

In addition to this, health experts have asked pregnant women to take the latest dose of vaccine to protect their newborns. As per the health authorities, a woman who is 32 to 36 weeks pregnant can receive a vaccine against RSV. As per the CDC, if a woman administrates a jab during pregnancy, her infant will not need the shot – in most cases.

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