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US Braces Against Lingering Respiratory Challenges: Flu Cases Remain Elevated Despite Waning Winter

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United States: The health authorities across the United States are still concerned and worried about the prevailing situation linked to respiratory illnesses, which have still a topic of discussion for the experts.

According to various reports, the peak of the respiratory virus season 2023-2024 is over but the levels of cases of all three concerning respiratory illnesses – COVID-19, Flu and RSV are still high and very high.

Another fact which bothers the health experts and physicians of the United States is conclusion of winters and beginning of spring but high number of cases of the illnesses.

What is the situation in the United States?

High number of people dealing with flu-like symptoms!

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been regularly tracking the flu activity across the nation. According to the latest report, which outlined the number of doctor visits with flu-like symptoms, as many as 3.7 percent of the all patients complaint about having symptoms similar to the respiratory illnesses. As per the data, around 1 visit in every 27 is having flu in the US.

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Which US states to report the highest number of flu cases?

According to the details shared by the federal health agency, the highest number of cases linked to flu have been reported in the central region of the United States. The number of states that have high or very high is still high; as per the official data, high levels of flu-like activity have been found in around 12 states, and two (2) states across the nation have ‘very-high’ levels.

Which respiratory illness is still a concern?

As per the officials of the US, the highest test positivity rate has been linked to flu, i.e. 15.4 percent. The rate surpassed the levels recorded during the previous week. On the other side, the positivity rates among other respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19 and RSV, have been regularly decreasing.

Are the hospitals still overwhelmed? 

According to the health authorities, the danger of a virus can be identified by the level of hospitalizations. Reportedly, the highest number of hospital admissions have been due to COVID-19. Accordingly, the hospitalization rate is about four (4) per 100,000.  

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The health experts have mentioned that the activities linked to RSV and COVID-19 are decreasing; but the cases associated to flu have been increasing in different regions of the country.

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