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US Health Department Detects First Mosquito-Borne Virus

US Health Department Detects First Mosquito-Borne Virus | Credits: Shutterstock

United States: The first-ever mosquito-borne virus has been detected in Michigan. The report was published by the Michigan Health Department following the testing conducted on some of the bugs that were collected in a county situation in mid-Michigan, which resulted in positive results.

According to the reports, the bugs were tested positive for Jamestown Canyon virus. It is to be noted that the infected mosquitoes were detected in Saginaw County, meanwhile no human has been tested positive for any mosquito-borne illness, including JCV.

JCV in Humans!

However, advisory has been sent by the healthcare professionals because this detection could serve as a warning sign for the locals as the spread can be transferred to humans during the summers.

According to health experts, if a person is infected with the JCV, he or she might witness the symptoms within a few days to two weeks after being bitten. They further added that the infected person doesn’t see severe symptoms as the signs or symptoms might range between fever and headaches. In addition to this, they warned that rare cases go through major complications, which lead to encephalitis and meningitis.

While addressing the concern, Chief Medical Executive – Dr Natasha Bagasarian stated, “It only takes one bite from an infected mosquito to cause a severe illness. We urge Michiganders to take precautions such as using an EPA-registered insect repellent when outdoors, avoiding areas where mosquitos are present if possible, and wearing clothing to cover arms and legs to prevent bites.”

The concerns are high, according to the experts, because this year, it is expected that Michigan will witness a warmer summer, bringing more mosquitoes, which would be carrying viruses.

Mosquito-borne infections in the US!

During the previous three years, approximately 11 people tested positive with JCV along with this, 21 were infected from West Nile Virus in 2023.

The health officials have warned about the fact that warm winters might sound ordinary but it could help in higher number of mosquito-borne illnesses.

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